Wired Article: INSINCERE 5-STAR RATINGS | What I Think


Interesting article that came across my feed this morning. The piece suggests that passengers routinely rate drivers 5 stars when the drivers actually deserve a lower rating.

I have many passengers who tell me they do the same. And I always tell them they should be honest with the ratings, it keeps the best drivers on the road and ensures the best experience for the passenger.

There’s a reason I have 4.92 rating on Uber: My car is clean, I arrive promptly, I’m friendly, I know where I’m going, I drive safely & I drive efficiently. I think any driver who does those things will easily be able to keep a high rating.

Ratings are an average – passengers shouldn’t feel bad for giving a low rating if it’s deserved. And drivers shouldn’t get upset about getting a low rating every now and then. In the end, it will average out to a realistic assessment of how well you’re doing.