Uber & Lyft On New Year’s Eve 2016 | Maximize Your Earnings

In this video, we look back at data from previous New Year’s Eves and forecast what to expect for NYE 2016.

0:00 Intro
0:44 Looking Back At Data From New Year’s Eve 2014
1:47 $228 Fare in 26 Minutes!
2:52 NYE 2015 Data
4:00 $211 Fare!
5:40 Sidecar, Lyft Rides & Totals
6:35 My Expectations, Strategy & Plan for New Year’s Eve 2016
9:27 Know The Hot Spots & Plan Accordingly
10:05 Take Into Account The New Honeycomb Surge System, If It’s Active In Your Market
11:02 Thanks For Watching & Happy New Year 2016!

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