Steal My $500 Lyft Sign Up Bonus plus Ridesharing Q&A

Need some extra cash? duh.

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But if you do…

It’s your lucky day because, in a moment, I am going hook you up with the one and only Rideshare Genius (that’s me, Ez) referral code, so you can get an extra $500 bonus just for signing up with Lyft… and if you hate reading you can just scroll to the bottom of this post and grab it now.

But first it’s time for some Q&A from our readers..

Q: “So, what exactly is ridesharing?”

I’ve been talking about ride sharing for so long I (wrongly) assumed everyone knows what it is.

Let’s fix that.

A. Ridesharing is a term that’s used to describe a brand new industry that’s absolutely exploded in the past few years. It allows regular people like you and me to drive our own cars and make money doing it. It’s safe, legal and pays way better than any part time jobs out there.

Q: “When did you first get into ridesharing?”

Wow.. this question brought back some great memories.

Cue the story:

A: I first discovered ridesharing on a trip to San Francisco two years ago. My girlfriend and I had to get from our hotel to Fisherman’s Wharf to meet some friends for dinner at a restaurant called Fog Harbor. So I went to the sidewalk to look for a cab and there were absolutely none in sight. Our reservation was in 10 minutes and I didn’t know what to do! My girlfriend pulled out her phone and said “I’ll just order a lift.” I said “A lift? What’s a lift?” She said, “No, a Lyft. L-Y-F-T. It’s an app.” I still had no idea what she was talking about.

Exactly one minute later, a white Prius pulled up right next to where we were standing. We hopped in and got on our way. Our driver was a 20-something woman originally from Brazil and she seemed to know the city very well. She was really friendly and got us to the Wharf quickly.

We got out of the car and that was it. No money to exchange and no uncomfortable discussion with the driver about how much change we would need back. The payment was all calculated through the app and the driver was paid automatically. We made it in time for our dinner reservation. The tuna tartare and wild king salmon were delicious!

So we got home from our trip and within a day I started thinking to myself… I have a car, I have some free time, why don’t I look into this ridesharing stuff? There was no commitment, no upfront costs and no risk. I figured why not give it a try.

It took about 10 minutes to sign up online and my application cleared in 2 days.

The next day I fired up the app and got a ride request immediately. Just over 3 hours later I had amassed over $200 in fares (see screenshot below.)


Here is the screenshot of my earnings when I started driving… I make way more than this now and I show you how when you sign up for Lyft, but even if you do what everyone else does it still is a pretty easy way to earn some extra cash right from the start! — Ez 


After all of my expenses, I had cleared over $40/hour. It was such a cool feeling. I had no idea what I was doing, but the app just walked me through everything.

It was also somewhat addictive. After every ride, I wanted to do another… and another… and another. I knew that with every ride I was earning more and more money.

How many jobs have you had where you looked forward to more and more work?

Yea, me neither! And it’s been happily ever after since then 🙂

The Portland Gold Rush Plus My Secret $500 Sign Up Bonus Code

Because ridesharing is so new, not all cities embraced it right away. City and state governments wanted to do their homework on it and make sure it was safe and fully legal. Well, I have some great news. Lyft is now live in Portland with the blessing of the city, just in time for a beautiful summer in the Pacific Northwest.

The Opportunity

Driving in Portland is an incredible opportunity because it’s a new market for Lyft.

On top of the $500 sign up bonus code I am going to give you (if you seriously can’t wait you can scroll down below) there’s great growth on the horizon and great per-mile rates, among the highest in the country!

You can even pick up passengers at the Portland Airport, something that is not allowed in lots of the other ridesharing cities.

The Problem (or How I Lost $12,928)

Now most new drivers just go through the motions without knowing the ins and outs and the tricks of the trade.

When I started with Lyft, there were no experienced drivers to consult and no experts to turn to, so I had to learn everything on my own.

Not all rides are created equal in terms of time AND money.

I did the calculations and I have estimated that I lost almost $13,000 by not applying the stuff I learned a year earlier… that sucks, even for an optimistic guy like myself.

The Solution

But you don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations that I did…

You can start maximizing your earnings RIGHT NOW because I’m here to help you. I‘ll get you up to speed on using the Lyft app and teach you advanced strategies that will help you make the most money.

Why Do You Want To Help Me?

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  4. I have this weird burning desire to help you live life on your own terms and not settle for either working at a job you hate, or not working at all and being broke.

How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Fill out your Lyft application. Make sure you enter promo code EZ79 to get the $500 bonus. (The code should already be filled out, check to be sure.) Without that code, you will not receive the bonus.
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500 Doller Sign Up Bonus

And remember, I’m here to answer any questions you might have and help you through any challenges you might face. Most of all, I’m here to help you absolutely rock it and make great money on your own terms. Please email me ANYTIME, I’m here to help –

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