Sidecar Goes Out Of Business : What I Learned As An Uber / Rideshare Driver

Discussion of the failure of Sidecar and what lessons rideshare drivers can take from it.

0:00 Intro
0:24 Brief History Of Sidecar Ridesharing App And Its Features
1:12 Driver’s Ability To Set Rates and Minimum Fares
1:59 Sidecar Pivots And Begins Delivery Services
2:08 How I Took Advantage Of The Opportunity To Deliver With Sidecar and Earned $185 / Day In Exchange For Very Little Of My Time
3:00 Take Advantage Of Opportunities In The Rideshare Industry
3:51 Diversify Your Sharing Economy Income – It’s To Your Advantage
5:28 Thanks For Watching! 🙂

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