Lyft $1000 Driver Bonus Update

An update from Lyft on their $1000 sign up bonus. What do you think? Did they create this promo in good faith?

Full text:
“Last week’s invitation – refer a prospective driver to apply, and earn $1,000 if she gives 1 ride by March 5 – brought the biggest wave of applications in Lyft history.

As we’re processing the applications, it’s important that we continue to fulfill our safety obligations. Some of these steps, including DMV and background checks, are outside our control and can vary in length for different applicants.

We’ve reached out to any friends you’ve referred to let them know that to qualify for the promotion, all these steps must be completed, along with the ride requirement, by the March 5 deadline.

We’ll continue to keep them updated on the status of their application, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.”